Welcome to Livitup Tokiwadai's WEBSITES!

We are the fitness studio, providing three kinds of group lessons... yoga, pilates and muscular exercise of trunk, and have no fitness machines.

Our programs are original exercise, which is focused upon effective muscular exercise.

There are ten lessons of each 50 minutes, starting every hour except from 17:00 to 19:00.

See the lesson schedule.  Pink-colored cell : pillar yoga, sky blue-colored : pilates plus, orange-colored : corevity

* corevity is the lesson's name of muscular exercise of trunk


We are open to members only.  Accordingly, we provide you a trial lesson, before you decide to join us. Please ask us the detail.


We are closed every monday.  Open 9:30 - 22:00 from Tuesday to Friday, 8:30 - 17:00 on Saturday and Sunday.  

Membership system

Types of members

Group lesson member

* You can join everyday, upto 2 lessons per a day.

* Monthly membership only

* Monthly fee is 6,200 yen plus tax

Personal lesson member  * Now all trainers are Japanese speaking only

* Threre are 11 courses.

* Click here for detail  (Japanese page only)

Initial fees

Initiation fee  5,000 yen plus tax

First enrollment fee   2,000 yen plus tax

* There is no tax exemption because of internal execution of service.

Procedure for membership

First payment  : Initail fees and two month's monthly fee

* You can pay by credit card for first payment


How to pay after three months

* Payment by automatic bank's withdrawal

* Please bring bank's cash card

Application form

All documents are Japanese only.

Things to bring the day of your entry of our club

* First payment (available cash or credit card )

* passport and visa, registration certificate

* bank's cash card

* training wears, a pair of socks and sweat towel if you want to join a lesson on the day !!!

Things to be aware of joining lessons

* Bring water bottle for every lesson.

* Controll and do not exert yourself too much.

* Training is all for self-responsibility.

* All group lessons are done by Japanese only.


TEL  03-5926-6211

Inquiry by email